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How to create 1000 gmail from an email address of google

Tuesday - 19/11/2019 05:05
As one of Google's free services, Gmail has a large number of users and is popular around the world. Most people know that when signing up for an email account of google, you need to enter the correct email address to send mail or to register an account on websites or social networks.
This article shares how you can customize to create an unlimited number of emails from an official Google gmail address. Here I take the example email [email protected]om to illustrate ( only Gmail can use this tutorial article, guys, Yahoo Mail cannot use )

Method 1: Add the plus sign (+) at the end of gmail name

You add the plus sign (+) at the end of the email name and add one or more characters after it, precede @ gmail.com

The structure is as follows : email address + characters @ gmail.com

For example, your main email is tengmailcuaban @ gmail .com add + sign and the following character tengmailcuaban + a @ gmail.com or tengmailcuaban +9 @ gmail.com , ... there will be countless emails from 1 original gmail address


Method 2: Add dots (.) To gmail names

You add a period (.) In the email name at any position, note not to add to the beginning or end of the gmail name and each name can only add 1 dot. whiff

example, your primary email is [email protected] add accents. into the following tengmail [email protected] or ten [email protected] , ... so there will be a lot of emails from 1 original gmail address.

I have tried and tried the following two ways to have many different emails from an official gmail address to use to send mail and register to create accounts on websites and social networks, without creating multiple accounts.

System google still understand your original email and when other people send mail back and get feedback from the website although they enter the "gmail regime", the contents of mail is only about 1 gmail your original alone

Happy you guys succeed

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